Junk Hauling in Athens, GA – What Are Your Options?

Where to Go for Junk Hauling in Athens, GA

Getting rid of junk in Athens, GA, is easier said than done. Sometimes, the first step is figuring out how it’s done or who to contact for assistance. Fortunately, there are many options for junk hauling in Athens, GA. Whether you decide to do the work on your own or get in touch with a local business, one way or another, you’ll be able to ditch the clutter without popping an artery. Let’s get started!

DIY Options

Do you consider yourself to be a particularly driven person? Do you have free time you can dedicate to physical labor? If so, do-it-yourself junk removal might be the best fit for you. If you can lift those junk items and move them off your property, you should be able to load them into your vehicle, too. Simply continue on to a nearby disposal site, and you can get rid of that junk for good. Looking for landfills near you? Some examples of disposal sites in Athens include the ACC Landfill, as well as the RMPF Recycling Center.

Trash Collectors Can Sometimes Help

Over ten thousand residents rely on Athens’ trash collection services each and every week. After all, it’s convenient to put your unwanted items in your collection bin and have a crew pick them up without your presence being required. When you have a reasonable amount of junk, and you know that it won’t cause the sanitation workers any trouble, why not go this route?

However, sometimes, trash collectors will fall short of satisfying your needs. For example, if you have too many items, and they won’t fit in your collection bin, they might be skipped over. Some categories of waste will be passed by without second thoughts, too. Furniture and appliances are especially prone to being left behind by Athens’ trash collectors.

Local Junk Removal Companies

When trash collectors won’t cut it, and you aren’t keen on doing the work on your own, why not contact a local junk removal company? As it turns out, there are several teams around Athens, GA that would love to provide you with junk removal services. This is a convenient option as you won’t have to worry about rules, regulations, or DIY work. However, these teams won’t work for free, so expect to pay a junk removal cost by the end of your appointment.

More About TopDawg

TopDawg Junk Removal wasn’t founded to funnel as much money out of our community as possible. In fact, we were created as a means for our owner to get some extra tuition money while also helping keep our area clean. That’s why we’re always smiling from ear to ear when we show up for an appointment. Each job is just another opportunity to make our neighbors happy!

If you need professional junk hauling in Athens, GA, then we’re the team for you. We’ll even be able to do the work for a bargain! That’s because we use volume-based pricing, and we never, ever charge our customers hidden fees. Interested? Learn more about everything we take here!