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Are you exhausted of the same tired junk removal franchises? Are you looking to support something closer to home while receiving the quality junk removal services you deserve? Then say hello to TopDawg Junk Removal, the go-to pros near you. We are based in Athens, GA, and our story is a humble one. Founded by a young business owner, our mission is to provide our clients with the best services around! The best part? You can get started today!

Demolition Services

Sometimes, something needs to get torn down. Whether that “something” is a shed, a deck, a fence, or even a hot tub, we want to be the crew that makes it possible.

Full house cleanouts

Sometimes, something needs to get torn down. Whether that “something” is a shed, a deck, a fence, or even a hot tub, we want to be the crew that makes it possible.

furniture removal

We understand that furniture can be heavy. We’ve hauled a lot of furniture in our time, and as a result, we’ve got the muscle and the experience you need.

Garage Clean outs

Say goodbye to cluttered chaos and hello to a space you can actually use. Our team specializes in clearing out unwanted items and restoring order to your garage, leaving you with a clean space to enjoy.

Appliance removal

When it’s time to upgrade your appliances or bid farewell to the old ones, count on us to handle the heavy lifting. Let us make appliance removal hassle-free for you.

And More

There are many other kinds of junk we can remove for you. If you’re stressing over clutter, let go of your worries and get in touch with us. We’re the answer to your woes!

Items we take

Garage Clean Outs

Eviction Clean Outs

Appliance Removal

Mattress Removal

Commercial Junk Removal

Commercial Clean Outs

Hoarder Clean Outs

House Clean Outs

Storage Unit Clean Outs

Warehouse Clean Outs

Estate Clean Outs

Construction Debris Removal

Foreclosure Clean Outs

Office Clean Outs

Deck Demolition

Hot Tub Removal

Shed Removal

Fence Removal

Property Clean Outs

E-Waste Disposal

Playset Swingset Removal

Couch Removal

Large Item Pickup

Office Furniture Removal

Curbside Junk Pickup

Refrigerator Removal

And More!


Sometimes, it’s like junk won’t leave you alone. Whether it’s something the local trash collection service turned down or something you can’t safely remove from your home, you’re probably sick of that junk taking up space. Want to get it out of your life—permanently? Then you’ll love what we bring to the table. Our full-service junk removal gets the job done!

Not only are we professional, but we’re local, too. So, when you book an appointment with us, you’ll always be dealing with fast-paced, friendly-mannered experts. We are prepared to serve you in many locations across the region, so get in touch by contacting us online or calling us at 706-760-9081.