Fast and Efficient Construction Debris Removal in Athens, GA

Wouldn’t you rather let a team of experts take on your construction junk removal project instead of doing it for yourself? If you’re looking for the best team for the job, then get in touch with TopDawg Junk Removal. When you reach out to us, we’ll make it a priority to be at your construction site in a flash.


In Athens, GA and other nearby places, there’s a good chance that you can find some sort of construction going on when you leave the house. In fact, you might just happen to be the person in charge of this project! If this is true, then you’re likely tired from all the physical labor that goes into this work. Make your life a little easier when you contact us for construction debris removal services. The team at TopDawg Junk Removal wants to help you out so cleaning up this junk is never your job to do! Need an inexpensive construction debris removal cost? We understand that the amount of construction debris you have for us can vary based on the size of the project. Because of this, we use a volume-based pricing scale to ensure you pay a fair rate. From small kitchen renovations to big property construction work, we’ll clean up that waste for a price that’s more than affordable!


There’s no question about it—a construction trash removal job can be tiring because of all the hauling you’ll have to do. So why even bother doing it yourself? When you’re working on construction, your list of things to do is already massive. A professional junk removal team can save you time by cleaning up the construction, demolition, and renovation debris while you handle other necessary tasks. That way, you can get home on time and relax before getting back to work the next day. So does this sound like a good deal or what? Why wait to schedule construction debris removal when you need our help? Contact us online or call 706-613-4125 to let us know about the junk you’re dealing with. That way, we can prepare for your appointment and determine when the best time to meet you will be. Expect to see us soon! You won’t be dealing with that construction junk for much longer because we’ll be there before you know it.


1. We’re looking forward to meeting you when your appointment day rolls around! We’ll be there right on time so we can start hauling away construction junk fast.
2. Accept our upfront quote so we can get started! When you do, we’ll start picking up debris right away. Then, we’ll load it into our truck.
3. We’ll work fast so you can get off that construction site as soon as possible. Leave it to us to make the area clean and clutter-free!
4. Lastly, we’ll accept your payment and drive away with the debris in tow. We’ll take it all to a local disposal site shortly afterwards.

Demolition Services in Athens, GA

Bear in mind that in addition to cleaning up demolition debris, we can also do the demolition itself! We are a fully insured demo company that you can trust because of our extensive demolition experience. We’ve torn down sheds, decks, fences, and so many other unwanted structures for our clients. How it works is simple: we’ll examine the unwanted structure so we can make a plan to carefully and safely remove it. Then, we’ll do the demolition work itself, leaving a pile of debris behind for us to clean up. Of course, we’ll take all this debris off your hands so it isn’t your problem! Our demolition services are a great choice if you are working on both construction and demo at the same time. We’ll work on the demo while you start building. Let’s divide and conquer!

About Us

We’ve been hauling junk for our customers since August 2021! So far, we’ve had a lot of fun keeping our area clean, and we want to keep doing it. If you have junk that needs to go, then you’ll be in good hands with us. We love serving our neighbors, and we’ll prove it through our actions. We’ll haul away your waste fast, and we’ll do it for a great price, too. TopDawg Junk Removal is ready to show you why we’re a five-star business. All you have to do is let us know you’d like our help! We’ll be there right on time, ready to do our best for you.


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