Instead of cleaning out foreclosed homes on your own, contact TopDawg Junk Removal because life’s too short to spend it all on do-it-yourself junk removal. Since property managers and landlords are busy enough already, we take on the task of cleaning up foreclosed properties for them.


We understand that when a property forecloses, you want to act fast to rent or sell it again. Our foreclosure clean out services are quick and efficient so that we can help you keep your turnover time down between tenants. We’re often able to to provide you with a same-day or next-day appointments, so get in touch today to speak with a TopDawg Junk Removal expert about your timeline!


When dealing with a foreclosed property, you’ll generally encounter a ton of junk. That’s because when a foreclosure happens, the people previously occupying the space get out as quickly as possible. As a result, you’re faced with any kind of junk you can imagine, from residential junk to commercial waste and so much more. You’ll want a team that can handle all this hard work and heavy lifting, and you’ll find that team at TopDawg Junk Removal. When a foreclosure happens, we want to be the first people there to help clean up the messes! Foreclosure clean out pricing is more than affordable with us, so if you’ve got a low budget, then give us a shot. We cost less than the junk removal franchises because, well, we don’t have to send a percentage of our cash to someone higher up the chain. With TopDawg Junk Removal, you see what you get—a completely local business that’s all about serving the community at large. Part of serving you is making sure you save money, and we’ll reach that goal with ease.


1. It’s crucial that we’re there on time for your foreclosure clean out services, so expect us to be there during the provided 2-hour arrival window.
2. Then, let us figure out how much junk there is throughout the entire property. We do this so that we can prepare an upfront quote for your approval.
3. Since our team is full-service, you won’t have to haul any junk. You won’t even have to hold the door open for us because we do everything for you!
4. When all the junk has been removed from the property, we’ll sweep up as a little finishing touch, then accept your final payment.

Removing Furniture from Foreclosed Properties in Athens, GA

If you’re having trouble removing furniture from a foreclosed property, then let the pros at TopDawg Junk Removal help you out! During our time as a full-service junk removal company, we have been called to remove all kinds of furniture, from desks and tables to beds and sofas. Needless to say, whatever’s been left behind at that foreclosed property, we can haul it off. Even when we’re faced with an enormously heavy entertainment center, we’ll have enough team members and muscle to get the job done.Count on us to carefully lift the unwanted furniture up, then guide it out the door. Just like that, it’ll be loaded in our truck, ready to be taken to a nearby donation center. Additionally, we’ll go back inside after removing the furniture so we can sweep up any dust and crumbs that got left behind. That way, the foreclosed property is totally ready for rental or sale.

About Us

At TopDawg Junk Removal, we’ve been guided by our founder, Andrew Warkentine, to always put the community first because we think our homes matters to a lot of people! Not only do we strive to delight our neighbors, but we also aim to keep their spaces clean. When our foreclosure clean out services are requested, we show up on time, do the work fast, then finish things off with an affordable final bill. There’s so much to like about TopDawg Junk Removal, and you’ll be able to experience it all for yourself by scheduling an appointment with us today!


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