Cleaning out a hoarder house sounds like a job that’s too large to ever get done. However, it’s very possible to get this task out of the way. Simply contact TopDawg Junk Removal to schedule an appointment. Our pros will clean up that hoard in no time.


Hoarding is a complicated situation that stems from psychological roots. In short, people hoard because something deep inside them makes them feel comfortable when they did it. However, a hoard of junk can ultimately be more uncomfortable than anything else. If you or a loved one is feeling isolated and closed in because of a hoard, contact TopDawg Junk Removal for hoarder cleanouts in Athens, GA. Our team isn’t looking to pass judgement when we’re out on the job. We just want to help our clients, and one of the best ways we can do that is by cleaning up your junk. So whether you’re in Athens, GA or another one of our nearby service areas, contact us today and schedule a hoarder junk removal appointment you won’t regret!


Hoarders are known to be unwilling to invite people into their homes because they’re afraid of the judgement they’ll receive for their mess. However, TopDawg Junk Removal doesn’t pass judgement on every mess we see. After all, we see messes all week long. We’re used to cleaning up mountains of junk, so trust us, hoarder cleanouts in Athens, GA are just another part of the job for us. That’s why we’ll clean up hoards with smiles instead of frowns. We’re here to help you, not to get you down! Our hoarding cleaning experts have encountered just about every kind of junk there ever was. What do you or your loved one have hoarded away? Clothes and toys? Old electronics? Broken furniture? Bagged trash? Whatever there is to take, we can take it. Not only that, but we’ll remove it for a fair, volume-based price. The amount of junk we have to haul away determines the final cost of our services.


1. Our hoarder cleanouts in Athens, GA, begin with our timely arrival. You’ll know we’ve made it when you see our big junk removal truck out front.
2. Let us look around and see all the hoarded junk that has to go. Then, approve our upfront service quote so we can begin our work.
3. We will bring a team of multiple members so that we can clear out that junk as quickly as possible. We’ll load it onto our truck in a flash.
4. Finally, we will work on disposing of the junk we collected. Anything that is still in good condition will be donated instead of tossed out.

Removing Hoarded Junk from the Garage

Sometimes, hoards don’t take over entire houses. Instead, they might be isolated to a single part of the house—for example, the garage! Is your garage absolutely piled high with all sorts of worthless belongings? Do you wonder why you even held on to something when you walk through the garage? If that’s the case, then you may have some hoarder tendencies, and you didn’t even realize it. Don’t sweat it, though. For a fast garage cleanout, get in touch with us. We’ll remove that garage junk quickly, and here’s how it works. Remove your vehicle from the garage, assuming there was room for it in the first place. Then, our team will empty out the junk, letting you provide input on what should stay and what should go. Finally, we’ll load the unwanted stuff onto our truck and help you put the things you wanted to keep back inside the garage. You’ll be amazed at how much nicer your garage looks after we’re done. We’ll even sweep up behind ourselves, too!

About Us

TopDawg Junk Removal began when Andrew Warkentine, a resident of the Athens area, founded the business in August 2021. When he’s not snowboarding, he’s working hard to clean up the messes of clients like you. He’s not alone in this mission, either. Andrew’s hardworking crew is built out of people he trusts to handle every single responsibility that he takes on throughout the week. What this means is that when you choose us for hoarder cleanouts in Athens, GA, you’ll receive service from a team of equally skilled professionals who are all excited to help you!


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