Don’t break your back carrying that old couch to the dump! The TopDawg crew specializes in full-service couch removal that saves you all the hassle.

Professional, Full-Service Couch Removal

At TopDawg Junk Removal, we know that lifting couches should never be done solo. No matter how strong you are or how often you go to the gym, it’s just not worth risking your health to drag your own couch out of your property. Not to mention, finding the right disposal site for your old sofa can be an additional stress-inducing hurdle. Instead, count on our guys for your couch removal! As experts in the junk removal field, they provide an array of services that residents, business owners, and everyone in between can count on. With all the right experience and industry knowledge in their tool belts, they make couch removal services a breeze!


With us, furniture removal services are easy as pie! That’s because our pack of haulers has been in the field providing services of all kinds for quite some time. Whether you need a sofa removed from your home or office, they’ll tackle it flawlessly and sweep up on the way out! When it comes to sofa disposal, our company goes the extra mile. With a mission to reduce landfill waste in our service areas, we turn to eco-friendly disposal practices for the best solution! If your couch is in fair condition, we’ll either donate or recycle it right in your local community.


1. Begin the couch removal process by scheduling your appointment. Simply dial our number or book us online.
2. Next, our crew will promptly arrive to your appointment and get ready to price your service! They’ll check out what needs to go before landing on a price.
3. From there, pros will give you a firm quote at no extra cost! Rest assured that the price you see here is the price you’ll be paying in the end.
4. Finally, approve your quote so that haulers can begin! Then, you can kick your feet up and decompress.

Pull-Out Couch Removal in Athens

If you have an outdated pull-out couch on your hands that you wish to get rid of, don’t sweat. Instead of adding the daunting task of getting rid of it to your to-do list, call us for couch removal! That way, you can use that time to relax or focus on other priorities while we take care of it. You can count on us to get it properly without taking too much of your time. Plus, we give your old sofa a shot at a new life instead of dumping it irresponsibly! Here’s how it works. As soon as you approve your quote, our haulers will work together to safely lift your couch out of your property and onto one of our trucks. Before accepting your payment, they’ll gladly sweep up any debris lingering on your floors! And finally, they’ll head to the appropriate disposal facility based on the condition of your sofa. If your couch is in decent, working condition, we’ll donate it at a local donation center so that a neighbor could use it! Alternatively, we’ll give your old sofa back through recycling if it’s damaged or worn.

About Us

TopDawg Junk Removal isn’t your average junk removal company. We’re a locally-owned, student-led operation that puts the community first! In providing a range of services designed to make lives easier, we happily adjust to the customer and their situation. When you call us for couch removal, you can expect us to hop on it as soon as we can! As same and next-day service providers, we have no problem flexing around your busy agenda. Founded in 2021 by Andrew Warkentine, TopDawg Junk Removal elevates waste management standards in your community. In an effort to give back, we donate to Goodwill, homeless shelters, and other organizations! After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Just because you see something as junk doesn’t mean it’s useless! Additionally, of course, you can count on us to recycle. We are proud to recycle many items that most people neglect to, such as mattresses and scrap metal.


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