Remove any junk that you don’t like without even lifting a finger! Just call TopDawg Junk Removal and let us know that you need commercial junk removal services. Our team will be there soon, and we’ll load your commercial junk into our truck in a quick and timely manner.


Athens, GA is home to many different people and the Bulldogs, too. However, let’s focus on the many businesses that operate in Athens. For example, Hill Street Press, Tweed Recording, and an entire catalogue of stores, restaurants, and boutiques serve the community each and every day. As you can imagine, these businesses stay busy. That’s why when local companies need commercial junk removal in Athens, GA, they contact TopDawg Junk Removal for the fast and timely junk removal services they need.Are you a business owner that needs commercial junk removal? If so, then we’re here to help you. If you need to see us sooner rather than later, you’re even welcome to schedule a same-day or next-day appointment with us. That way, we can clean up your business right away, leaving you with new free space and a smile on your face!


Your business has important things to attend to. Because of this, you don’t want to bring on a junk removal team that will show up late, act rowdy, and waste your time. Instead, contact TopDawg Junk Removal, a completely professional crew that’s dedicated to giving you the best commercial junk removal in Athens, GA. We offer flexible scheduling, so we can swing by your office, store, warehouse, or other commercial space at a time that best suits you. Once we’re there, we’ll stay focused on the work, moving quickly to load your junk onto our truck!


1. We’ll make our way to your commercial property on the day of your appointment. We’ll be there during the 2-hour arrival window with a fully staffed team!
2. Tell us about all the commercial junk that has to go. We’ll review it, estimate the cost of the job, and ask you to confirm our asking price.
3.After your confirmation of our quote, we’ll begin hauling away all the commercial junk. Feel free to work on something else in the meantime.
4.Finally, we will accept your payment and leave so we can dispose of the junk. Thanks for choosing TopDawg Junk Removal!

Commercial Furniture Removal in Athens, GA

Are you looking to remove furniture from your commercial property? At TopDawg Junk Removal, we are well-acquainted with furniture removal jobs, so it’s a sure bet that we can help you out. We have removed furniture from many different businesses. Some examples include tables and chairs from restaurants, desks and cabinets from offices, and even those reclining sofas from therapy offices. While there are many kinds of furniture, the process to remove furniture is always the same. We’ll just have two of our team members lift the furniture up, carefully guide it out of the building, and load it onto our truck! What happens to the furniture we remove from commercial spaces? Well, it would be a shame to throw it all away, especially if the furniture is still in good condition. That’s why TopDawg Junk Removal promises to donate any gently used furniture so someone new can use it next. Did you know the Habitat for Humanity ReStore sells used furniture to people looking for discounted prices every day? It’s true, and it’s thanks to businesses like us that they can keep their shelves stocked.

About Us

Our founder, Andrew Warkentine, founded TopDawg Junk Removal to help pay for his education and to help our neighbors get rid of their junk! Nobody likes a mess, and we’re interested in cleaning up yours. So no matter what kind of clutter you’ve got on your hands, give us a call, and we’ll come and clean it up! We even offer same-day and next-day appointments, meaning we can make your piles of junk disappear lightning fast. We’ll do it for a fair, affordable price, too!


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