Curbside Junk Pickup Services

Tired of dealing with missed trash pickup from the public collection services? Why not try out our professional curbside junk removal instead? It’s the perfect alternative!


Are you dealing with a missed trash pickup in Athens, GA, or another nearby location? No one likes to walk outside in the morning only to discover your collection bin is filled to the brim. Your junk might not even fit in the bin, and that could be the reason you got skipped over! Well, there’s no need to keep trying to please the public pickup guys. Instead, try out TopDawg Junk Removal. Our curbside junk pickup services are simple, and we aren’t picky about what we’ll take.

TopDawg Junk Removal professionals smiling near their company truck during curbside junk pickup services

Why Our Curbside Junk Pickup Services?

We’re excited to pick up your junk! When you bring your unwanted items out to the curb and have us pick them up, it doesn’t take us long to load them up. In fact, you don’t even have to be home when we swing by. We’ll just pull up and collect your junk as quickly as possible. You’ll also appreciate the fact that our curbside waste prices are as low as they get. Our curbside junk pickup services are cheaper than our full-service junk removal because we don’t have to do as much physical labor.

We can even take your larger items for you! Whereas a public trash collection service might force you to request a bulky pick up, we’re prepared for whatever you put out for us. This includes furniture, appliances, and more! As long as your items aren’t hazardous, we’ll load them in our truck without any complaints.

TopDawg Junk Removal professional loading an old chair onto the truck during curbside junk removal services

Our Curbside Collection Process

  1. Before anything else, we’d like you to contact us and let us know where you’re located. Be sure to also let us know what kinds of junk we can expect to take.
  2. We’ll be sure to be there on time to collect your junk. When you see our truck out front, you’ll know that your junk is well on its way to being removed.
  3. Since we have a large team, we can load up all your unwanted items in a flash. In the blink of an eye, your curb will be clutter-free.
  4. After we complete the pick up, we’ll swing by a nearby landfill so we can dispose of the junk for good. The amount of work you had to do: zero!

Curbside Yard Waste Collection Services

Cleaning up your front lawn and backyard has never been easier! While many public trash collection services are picky about the kinds of yard debris they’ll take, we’re not. What do you have for us? Bags of fallen leaves? Branches and sticks? Rocks, gravel, dead crops, or hedge clippings? Just put it on the curb for us, and it won’t be your problem anymore. We can even take items such as lawn decorations and patio furniture. How convenient is that?

About Us

Providing you with curbside junk pickup services is our pleasure! We’re a team that’s comprised of people from your community, and we are always delighted to serve our neighbors. It’s not just because it helps keep us busy. It’s also because it helps make our area a cleaner, more pleasant place. When you schedule service with us, expect a hardworking crew that always puts you first. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

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