Estate Cleanouts in Athens, GA

Need a helping hand in your estate house clean out? Allow TopDawg Junk Removal to handle your estate clean up services from start to finish!

The Best Estate Clean Outs in Athens, GA

Bereavement alone can put you in a lost and emotional headspace. Add the responsibility of cleaning out a passed loved one’s estate, and it’s truly a daunting task that most people wish to avoid. Well, not for us! The Top Dawg Junk Removal team is made up of estate clean out specialists that always give a job well done at a fair cost. Instead of surprising you with an unexpected and inflated price, we’ll give you a fair, all-inclusive quote at no extra charge. With a volume-based system, our estate clean out prices simply depend on how much junk you need removed. Estate clean outs in Athens, GA have never been more affordable!

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Why Us for Estate Clean Outs in Athens, GA?

You may be wondering, “why hire estate cleanout services?” Well, for starters, it’ll save you mass amounts of time and labor! Our team is given the right training and tools to thrive in the field and put their best foot forth in whatever service you need. As locals in the community, we are happy to adjust to your unique circumstances and needs, and even cover the disposal processes for you! With us, you won’t have to move a muscle during your estate house clean out. 

At Top Dawg Junk Removal, we don’t just pride ourselves in being the best estate clean out company. As professionals with years of in-the-field experience, we’re experts in many other services as well! To name a few, we also offer appliance removal and demolition.

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How it Works

  1. To schedule an estate house clean out, just give us a call or book us online. 
  2. To follow up, we’ll contact you to discuss the job. That way, we have an idea of how much truck space you need and we can give you a service estimate!
  3. Next comes your appointment! Once haulers are headed your way, they’ll give you a courtesy call to let you know. Upon arrival, they’ll present your official volume-based quote.
  4. Finally, we just need your approval. If satisfied with the price, just let the team know and they’ll begin your estate clean out right away!

Old Furniture Removal in Athens, GA

If you’re left with a large estate, you’re most likely stuck with the furniture living in it. However valuable the dining, living, and bedroom furniture may be, there comes a time when you have to let go of items that you don’t need. If this sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place! One of the many items we accept at estate clean outs in Athens, GA is furniture. As locals who care about our communities, we treat furniture removal uniquely and responsibly by donating and recycling everything that we can. That means that if your estate furniture is in working order, we’ll donate it locally! If not, however, we’ll do our best to recycle it through one of our connections. Thanks to bulk recycling centers in Athens and neighboring areas, your old furniture’s materials can be recycled to create something new!

At furniture recycling stations, our team would drop off any tables, beds, or other furniture for reprocessing. From there, on-site workers bring the furniture in and break them down into smaller parts using proper safety equipment and machinery! Materials like wood, metal, and even glass would be separated and handled accordingly to ensure they may be sold for reuse.

About Us

TopDawg Junk Removal is a local, student-led company that elevates junk removal. We believe that affordable junk removal should be full-service and accessible without a quality compromise, so we do just that in Athens and other nearby areas! Outside of Athens, we cover Bogart, Jefferson, and many other locations.

It’s not just our expertise, affordability, and accessibility that makes us so special. We strive to impact our environment and communities for the better everyday! With junk disposal being in our hands, we recycle and donate as much junk as we can. Our company actively works with thrift stores, homeless shelters, and recycling centers across our service areas that give your junk a new purpose.

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