Playset/Swing Set Removal in Athens

When you need to get rid of an old playset or swing set, TopDawg Junk Removal is just the company for you.

Local Playset/Swing Set Removal

There’s nothing better than watching your kids spend hours running around and having fun on their playset at home. But over the years, playsets can begin to show serious signs of wear and tear. Whatever the case may be, getting rid of something so big can be problematic. If you need playset removal, look no further than TopDawg Junk Removal.

As junk removal experts, we’ll get rid of an unused playset or swing set faster than you ever imagined. We have all of the experience and tools that are needed to quickly and safely disassemble and haul away even the largest backyard playsets.

No matter the size, material, or condition of the playset, we’re ready to take on your project. Getting started is easy. All you have to do is call us or book services online to get started.

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Our Playset Removal Services

We know junk removal like the back of our hands. With years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers, we guarantee that you’ll be more than satisfied with the service we provide. Choosing us for wooden swing set removal means one less thing to worry about. It also means that you’ll get top notch service at a great price.

Unlike franchise companies who charge high hourly fees, we provide personalized quotes to each of our clients. The amount you pay is based solely on how much we need to haul away. What’s even better is that you never have to worry about hidden fees or unexpected charges.

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Our Playset Demolition Process

  1. Ready to schedule swing set removal service? Great! To get started, call our office at 706-613-4125 during business hours, or you can book service around the clock using our online appointment scheduling form.
  2. We know the importance of being on time. When we’re 15 minutes away, expect a courtesy call so that you know we’re nearby.
  3. Once we arrive, lead us to the playset. After a quick look over, we’ll give you a volume-based quote.
  4. If you approve, we’ll get started disassembling and removing your playset or swing set right away.
  5. After everything has been loaded into the truck, pay us, and we’ll be on our way.

Yard Debris Removal in Athens

After getting rid of an old playset or swing set, you may start to notice other things in your yard that need to be removed. But keeping your yard looking its best year-round requires a lot of time, effort, and dedication. From mowing to raking leaves to picking up fallen sticks, there’s always something to do to keep your yard looking great. While you could spend several weekends trying to do everything yourself, why not just reach out to the experts instead? Not only do we offer swing set removal, you can also count on TopDawg Junk Removal for full-service yard debris removal.

With our services, we’ll transform your cluttered yard into the best looking one in the neighborhood. If it fits in our truck, we can haul it away. From leaves to bushes to tree stumps, landscaping pavers, and even outdoor furniture, there’s nothing that our team can’t remove from your yard. In just a few hours, you’re going to love how tidy and new your yard looks. Get in touch today and let’s get your project on our schedule.

About Us

Whether you choose TopDawg Junk Removal for our swing set removal service or any other type of junk removal, we’re excited to become your go-to company for all of your needs. As a locally owned and operated business, we know the importance of customer service. From the first phone call until the time our crew leaves with your junk in tow, we guarantee a pleasant experience.

Aside from offering quality service and great prices, we’re also proud to follow sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Any items that are in good, usable shape are donated to GoodWill, thrift stores, and even local homeless shelters. We also recycle as many materials as we can to protect our local landfills.

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