Refrigerator Removal Services

Fridges are certainly heavy, but with the help of the TopDawg Junk Removal team, you’ll be able to get rid of your refrigerator without breaking a sweat.


Refrigerator removal is a tough process that can take hours if you do it alone. You might even discover that the work is impossible when you’re the only person available! The truth is that this sort of business is easier when a full crew is handling it. That’s why you should contact TopDawg Junk Removal. Not only are our refrigerator removal services readily available to the people of Athens, GA, but our team is friendly and excited to serve you, too!

A TopDawg Junk Removal pro closing up a junk trailer

Why Our Refrigerator Haul Away?

A talented junk removal team makes the removal of heavy objects so much easier. This is the primary reason why our refrigerator removal services are right for you. Instead of straining your arms and back, take a seat and watch us work instead. Not only is our crew good at hauling, but they’re also careful enough to rotate your refrigerator through narrow doorways and halls without scraping your walls. And you better believe we’ll never drop your fridge or our name isn’t TopDawg Junk Removal!

As a local business, we can offer you a better refrigerator removal cost than our competitors, too. Those “other guys” are part of big franchises, and as a result, they’ve got higher operating fees. If you want savings, come straight to us. We cost less to operate, and therefore, we cost less to hire. We will haul away an old refrigerator for a fair rate!

A TopDawg Junk Removal expert assisting a customer with pricing

TopDawg’s Fridge Removal Process

  1. Start the process by contact us! You can either give us a call or book your appointment online!
  2. Upon our arrival, accept our upfront service quote, and we’ll lift up your fridge and haul it away! We’ll be sure to work cautiously to avoid accidents.
  3. You might be shocked at how easily we can lift that fridge into our truck. Once it’s out of your sight and mind, we’ll accept your payment for our services.
  4. The final step of our process is disposal. In the case of refrigerators, we often swing by the Center for Hard to Recycle Materials at the end of our work.

Freezer Disposal and Other Appliance Removal Services

Refrigerator removal services might be one of our specialties, but the truth is that we can use those same skills to help you with other jobs. For example, you might want us to remove a bulky freezer from your basement or garage. You may even need us to haul a washing machine, dryer, or another kind of appliance off your property. Fortunately, none of these big electronic devices will scare us off. Since we’re fully insured, you won’t have to worry about a potential legal nightmare, either. Not only are we protected in the case of a dropped appliance, but we’re also well-practiced enough to ensure those accidents never happen.

About Us

Many junk removal business owners are well into their thirties or forties, but TopDawg Junk Removal was founded by a student who needed extra cash to cover tuition costs. Because of this, our company is filled with youthful energy, and the opportunity to serve our neighbors makes us as giddy as a schoolboy. Expect fast results from us. We don’t cut corners. We only cut costs so you can save cash!

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