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The Best Junk Removal in Greensboro

Renowned for its many Antebellum style homes and churches, Greensboro is a small Georgia town packed with Southern history. It’s also located just between Atlanta and Augusta, giving residents a calm and serene feel. Considering the vast greenery such as in the Oconee National Forest that surrounds Greensboro, the town’s name also comes at no surprise! When Greensboro residents and business owners have too much junk on their hands, the normal at-ease feeling that comes with living in Greensboro can quickly fade away. At TopDawg Junk Removal, we believe you’re too awesome to have to worry about such dirty work. That’s why we gladly offer junk removal in Greensboro that saves you all the trouble! Specializing in a long list of services, our team can take anything holding you back and cluttering up your space off your hands. Call or book us today for same-day service!


Our friendly, local junk removal company gives you countless things to love about it! Most importantly, our junk removal services are reliable, professional, and affordable. That’s because our guys are diligent, hard-working, and love to learn! They’ve been given the proper training and in-the-field experience to haul away junk appropriately every time. As for affordability, our Greensboro junk hauling is entirely volume-based and surprise fee-free. That means that your junk removal cost is simply based on how much junk you need gone! And, we’ll let you know your price in advance through a free, all-inclusive quote that comes at no obligation. If you choose to move forward with our price, just let us know and we’ll get started!


1. To schedule one of our services, just give us a call or book us online! We can get to you the same or next day that you schedule.
2. Next, we’ll send our haulers out ahead of time to ensure prompt arrival! Don’t worry, they’ll give you a courtesy call when close.
3. As soon as our guys arrive to you, they’ll politely ask to see your junk. That way, they can land on a price! Then, they’ll present you that price through a free quote.
4. Lastly, approve your quote if you’re satisfied with it! That lets us know that you wish to move forward with our junk pick-up.

Old Furniture Removal in Greensboro

All too often, residents are stuck with having to get rid of bulky furniture with tight time constraints. However, without the right assistance, tools, and hauling equipment, furniture hauling is nearly impossible! Additionally, it can take up lots of your personal time that could be better spent working, spending time with family, or enjoying the outdoors. Instead, wouldn’t you rather have professionals handle it for you? With us, all you’ll have to do is schedule us for junk removal in Greensboro, show us the furniture you need gone, and approve your free quote! We handle everything that comes after. From there, you can expect our team to haul your couch onto one of our trucks safely. Then, they’ll go above and beyond by sweeping up your floor! After making sure all your junk is removed and your service is paid, our pros will choose the appropriate method of disposal. By participating in eco-friendly practices like recycling and donating, our company helps protect the environment across our service areas! We always out donations first when dealing with furniture, but we have to consider other options if the items are damaged or worn-out. Therefore, how we dispose of your old furniture is dependent on the condition of them.

About Us

TopDawg Junk Removal is a top-rated, full-service junk removal company since 2021. On top of providing junk hauling in Greensboro, we serve many other areas surrounding our home base of Athens, like Bishop, Colbert, and Winterville. Our company blows any competition out of the water by providing clients from all walks of life with the same trusty, prompt service! We pride ourselves in offering life-saving same and next-day service.Are you looking for a crew that cares? At TopDawg Junk Removal, we’re a student-led business that’s heavily involved with the community! In addition to serving you and neighbors with smiles, we work with local thrift stores and homeless shelters that give back. That’s because we care for the areas we know and love, and want to help in any way that we can! With disposal being a good chunk of our job descriptions, we always take it on responsibly, recycling and donating whatever we can.


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