The junk removal experts that serve Jefferson work for TopDawg Junk Removal! Contact us today to schedule Jefferson, GA junk removal services you’ll love.


Jefferson, GA is a steadily growing town that is home to many families, businesses, and schools. It’s a great place to enjoy day-to-day life—so don’t let junk cut into it. If you need junk removal services in Jefferson, GA, the best company to call is TopDawg Junk Removal! We are proud to serve you, whether you’re a homeowner, a business manager, a landlord, or anyone else at all! What sets us apart from the rest of the junk removal businesses is the fact that we’re locally owned and operated. When you choose us, you’ll support a company founded by your neighbors, and you’ll support your regional economy as well. In return, we’ll work our hardest for you and always have smiles on our faces. It beats sending your money out of state by choosing a franchise!


When you need the help of a Jefferson hauling company, it’s time to get in touch with TopDawg Junk Removal! We are a full-service hauling business, meaning we do more than just curbside junk removal. When you don’t want to take junk to the curb at all, we can come inside, gather it all up, and lift it onto our truck! We work quickly to haul all your junk away for a fair and affordable price. Our costs are based on volume, so the amount of junk we put in our truck determines what you owe us. We’ll estimate this volume upfront so you can know what you’re paying from the get-go. There are no hidden fees, either! Get hauling help today! Our junk removal services in Jefferson, GA are available now, and there are two ways to schedule your appointment. Firstly, you can contact us online. Secondly, you can call us at 706-613-4125. Talk to you soon!


1. We will always be there on time during the 2-hour arrival window. Once we make it there, come outside and say hello to us!
2. Next, show us all the junk that has to go, then accept our junk hauling cost so we can get to work immediately afterwards.
3. Our full-service crew makes junk removal fast! Feel free to do some chores on the side while we whisk your junk out the door.
4. Once we’ve moved all the junk into our truck, we’ll accept your payment and take everything to a disposal site.

Thanks for choosing TopDawg Junk Removal!

Yard Debris Removal in Jefferson, GA

A lot of the work we do is indoors. We remove furniture, clothes and toys, old exercise equipment, and so much more. However, sometimes, our work takes us outdoors instead. That’s because our clients have come to trust our yard debris removal services when they need help cleaning up their landscapes! We remove all kinds of yard waste items, including leaves, tree stumps, dead plants, saplings, hedge clippings, and more. We can even rake up leaves for you if you need us to. We’ll bring all the equipment we need for the work, which can include saws, shovels, and rakes. It’s a sure bet that we can make your yard waste disappear for a fair and affordable price!

About Us

TopDawg Junk Removal is proud to haul junk in Jefferson, GA and many other service areas as well! This area is our home, and we’re dedicated to keeping it clean for that very reason. Of course, you’re our neighbor as well, which is why we’ll provide you with courteous, professional service for a fair price. Now you can clean up your space without having to take a bite out of your checking account!


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