Junk Removal & Demolition in Monroe, GA

Junk hauling is in many cases not a one-person job. This can be problematic for you, given that you’re just one person! Fortunately, an entire team of junk removal experts is only a phone call away. Contact us today, and we’ll be there soon to provide you with junk removal services in Monroe, GA.


Monroe, GA is known to some as the “Antiques Capital of Georgia”. With so many different antique stores, there’s always an opportunity to find exciting treasures. It’s certainly a change of pace from seeing the same old junk in your Monroe house or other property. Don’t worry, though. We can help you get rid of clutter. Just contact us and ask for our junk removal services in Monroe, GA today! We are TopDawg Junk Removal, and as our name implies, we’re the top dog when it comes to junk removal. Whether you need us to clean up at your home, business, apartment, or storage unit, we’re ready to come to your rescue. We haul away all junk for a more-than-affordable price!


In many cases, getting rid of trash is as simple as working with Monroe’s trash collection service. However, the city will not accept several different kinds of junk, including mattresses, mixed yard waste, large tree limbs, and more. Additionally, if you’re not currently enrolled in trash collection, then you’re really in a pickle. Don’t worry, though. TopDawg Junk Removal doesn’t just remove all kinds of junk for you. We also do all the heavy lifting, meaning you’ll never have to take anything to the curb in the first place. Out of all the junk removal companies, local clients trust us the most to provide affordable prices. Why is that? Well, since we are locally owned, we don’t have to pay the same franchise fees the “big box” businesses do. On top of this, we don’t add hidden fees to our customers’ bills. Instead, we use fair, volume-based prices that you won’t find anywhere else. Save money by choosing TopDawg!


1. Count on TopDawg Junk Removal to arrive on time at your location with a team that’s prepared to serve you right. We don’t believe in “fashionably late”!
2. Let us review all the junk you have to get rid of, then approve our upfront quote. Once you do, the price will be locked in, and we’ll be ready to start hauling.
3. We will remove every last piece of junk that has to go. Where does it go? Into the back of our truck, of course. We make the work go by fast.
4. Last but not least, we will take your payment, leave your property, and dispose of the junk. Now you have all sorts of new free space to use.

Remove My Junk From a Monroe, GA Storage Unit

Many of us rely on storage spaces, such as storage units, to keep our excess belongings safe. However, if your storage unit has become cluttered beyond belief, it can prove to be extremely unmanageable. Times like these will make you reconsider whether having that storage unit is really necessary. Want to empty the storage unit out so you can stop paying a rental fee every month? Would you like to at least make the mess more manageable so your storage unit doesn’t give you a headache? One way or another, our storage unit clean outs are the answer. How it works is simple. Fling open the storage unit, let us know what needs to go, and we’ll take it! Storage unit junk we take includes clothes, toys, electronics, tools, toolboxes, and even the shelves you have all these items stacked upon. We can even help you reposition any items that you want to keep, if any. And, of course, count on us to remain friendly and courteous from start to finish!

About Us

TopDawg Junk Removal provides junk removal services in Monroe, GA and many other service areas as well. Wherever our work takes us in our community, we always vow to do our best because our neighbors deserve it! It’s thanks to our local residents and businesses that we’ve become a powerhouse of a junk removal company. The least we can do is use our expertise to better the lives of our neighbors. So when you’ve got a mess, trust us to clean it up the fast and affordable way!


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