If you have a monster of messes living in your home or business, don’t despair. We provide property clean outs of all sorts!

Trusted Property Clean Out Services In Your Area

At TopDawg Junk Removal, we understand the challenge that decluttering can truly be. Whether you’re dealing with an entire home or just an office, going through and getting rid of junk can feel never-ending. The truth is, keeping any kind of space tidy and free of junk takes continuous time and effort. What’s even harder, is completely cleaning out the contents of a residential or commercial property- without us, that is! Our local company covers property clean outs in your neighborhood in a full-service fashion. That means that regardless of the size or nature of your property, we handle all the steps in the junk removal process! Whether you need a house clean out or estate cleanout, we got you covered.With a friendly, hard-working team that strives to meet your needs, we’re always available to discuss your upcoming project. And that doesn’t just go for property clean outs- it applies to our other services as well! Call us anytime you need junk removed or a structure torn down at your location and we’ll be more than happy to fit you in our schedule within the next 24 hours.


Companies that clean out houses right and at a fair cost can be tough to come by. In a sea of subpar junk hauling businesses, however, TopDawg Junk Removal stands out! We’re a locally-based crew that keeps our priorities in check for a top-tier customer experience. When it comes to our property clean outs, we pay close attention to your unique conditions and circumstances in order to get the job done right! Additionally, we assure you that you’ll be paying a fair price with us. That’s because we steer you clear of add-on surprise fees that we all dread! Whether you call us for a house clean out or appliance removal, your cost will depend solely on your junk load size.


1. First of course, you need to schedule your appointment. You can do that in just seconds by giving us a call or booking online!
2. When team members are headed your way, they’ll give you a courtesy call to let you know before arriving on time.
3. Upon arrival, pros will assess your junk volume. And then, they’ll hand you a free quote displaying your total cost!
4. Finally, if you’re happy with our price, approve the quote. That way, we can tackle your property clean out services ASAP!

Washer and Dryer Removal in Athens

If there’s a list out there of items unsafe to lift by yourself, washers and dryers would be at the top of it. Composed of metal and other materials, these appliances are super bulky and difficult to lift, let alone haul to a disposal site. That’s why booking our company for appliance removal would be your best option in this scenario! Moreover, our team is always prepared to tackle the removal, hauling, and disposal of your appliances during property clean out services. Just show them everything that needs to go, and the pros will hand you a free quote! As soon as you approve the quote that haulers give you, they get started on hauling those unwanted appliances. Using additional help if necessary, they’ll safely remove your appliances out of your home or business and load them up! After ensuring all your junk is secured onto trucks and your property is left clean and tidy, our team will drive to the disposal site best suited for your washer and dryer. More often than not, we dispose of old, damaged appliances at bulk recycling centers! There, on-site workers break them down and extract different recyclable materials like metal.

About Us

Locally-owned and operated in Athens, GA, TopDawg Junk Removal is a company that makes upkeeping a property easier than ever before. It all began in 2021 when Founder Andrew Warkentine saw the need for trustworthy junk removal services that result in eco-friendly waste disposal. Along with a team of friendly, strong-willed students, he offers full-service junk removal 6 days a week in a long list of areas! Throughout the years, we’ve expanded our services extensively, offering specialized ones like property clean outs for a customer-catered experience. As locals, the areas we serve hold a special place in our hearts and we want to do anything we can to protect them. Thus, no matter what service you schedule with us, we’ll dispose of your waste responsibly! Keeping the environment in mind, we consider eco-friendly practices like recycling and donating above all else.


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